Our focus is creating delectable handmade soaps, both hot and cold process, that delight your senses and nourish your skin. We love using clay to add slip and purifying properties to our soaps. { That, and the colors of clay are absolutely lovely! } We also strive for a balance between essential oils and fragrance oils for a couple of reasons: essential oils are so volatile they sometimes evaporate from soaps as they cure, leaving the final bar a little bland, essential oils can cause unpleasant issues on sensitive skins and sometimes a particular nostalgia can only be evoked using a custom fragrance oil blend.

We constantly endeavor to improve our recipes by sourcing finer ingredients from ethical vendors, ameliorating our process and hunting for new and exciting ideas.

We offer a small collection of goods for house & home. These are, primarily, hand thrown ceramics made by a local artisan: Andrea. She is a brilliant individual who shines in all regards. Her creativity sits beautifully and passionately in her ceramic work. We are overjoyed to work with her to bring you offerings to liven your living space by bringing vivid, one-of-a-kind ceramic art to your home.

An area about which we feel passionately is the spiritual body: those quiet spaces between your thoughts and daily actions that yield true insight into who you are. These fragments bear great import and are oft neglected in Western civilization. We know firsthand the benefits of meditation, spiritual searching and devotion to the sacred intangible within and around us all and in order to help others tread their own path we offer intuitively designed Japa Malas. These we design with intention: choice gemstones are incorporated to bring gentle guidance, protection and awareness to whomever possesses them.

What is of import to you? What feelings call out to you, just out of reach? What are you mired in? What do you want to attain?

Malas are powerful aids in meditation, particularly when made just for you. If our selection of Japa Malas doesn’t have a perfect match for you connect with us to order a custom designed Mala as individual as you.


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