Kali, Autumn & The Sea

At the Fall Equinox Workshop this week the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Scrub was such a hit we will mix up some more in the next couple weeks and list it in our Etsy Shop.

This morning we are busy preparing wonderful concoctions for the upcoming season: Far & Away Facial Scrub as well as Autumn & The Sea Facial Masque. We’ve also prepared a lone jar of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub in case we run into one of our Equinox friends at Yoga + Wine Under the Stars with our Imagine Yoga friends tomorrow evening. Beautiful, soulful events such as these are a large part of the reason we adore the cooler months.

Joyous autumn, friends!

Joyous autumn, friends!

Because we so love our Imagine Yogis and the beautiful ways in which they help people heal and grow we will sometimes offer some of our products at a reduced rate at their events. Usually we do this with our more deluxe items such as masques, scrubs and malas. Presently, we do not announce beforehand what discounts may exist at these events but we will announce Imagine Yoga events we will attend with our products in-tow.

Kali: The Power of Destruction of Negative Ego

Kali: The Power of Destruction of Negative Ego

Welcome to autumn, the beautiful fall in which we all lose daylight hours. Fall is a wonderful time to embrace Kali, the primordial feminine, with her resplendent fury, absolute destruction and ultimate, abundant generative tendencies. Embracing these ideas of violently and utterly purging from your life all that stagnates, all that brings weariness, all that weighs you down physically and mentally leaving only a shining core of possibilities with plenty of room for growth is particularly pragmatic now, at the cusp between summer and autumn when nature herself will mirror these very ideas: the trees receding into their cores as they shed their leaves, grass neglecting all but roots, turning the earth into a crisp carpet beneath your feet, birds leave their summer oases as they retreat before the impending winter and insects hibernate or die hoping the next generation rests warm and secure in pupal and larval states, hidden from the elements.

Kali the Mother

The stars are blotted out,
The clouds are covering clouds,
It is darkness vibrant, sonant.

In the roaring, whirling wind
Are the souls of a million lunatics
Just loose from the prison-house,
Wrenching trees by the roots,
Sweeping all from the path.

The sea has joined the fray,
And swirls up mountain-waves,
To reach the pitchy sky.
The flash of lurid light

Reveals on every side
A thousand, thousand shades
Of Death begrimed and black —
Scattering plagues and sorrows,

Dancing mad with joy,
Come, Mother, come!
For Terror is Thy name,
Death is in Thy breath,

And every shaking step
Destroys a world for e’er.
Thou ‘Time’, the All-Destroyer!
Come, O Mother, come!

Who dares misery love,
And hug the form of Death,
Dance in Destruction’s dance,
To him the Mother comes.

-Swami Vivekananda

Letting Go

Oh, the tumult of a season’s end can wreak havoc on even the most focused mind. If the allergens don’t bother me my joints express their fascination with the changing barometric pressure, temperature and wind through a painful attunement.

This afternoon I attended a Fall Equinox Workshop at the Atma Bhakti Yoga Center in Dallas, hosted by the ever-gracious Christina of Imagine Yoga. She invited me to bring my soaps and I am incredibly glad she did; I connected with many women who share my interest in delectable treats for the skin and senses, as well as Japa Malas. I look forward to watching the evolution of my connections with these women grow and change over time.

I hoped for inspiration and I was lucky to be blessed with it: I now have a clear idea of my desires for this coming season, not only for myself, but for my soap making and Mala knotting, too. I have intentions to help bring to fruition myriad ideas and feelings that will not only benefit me, but also the world in which I live.

Grounded & Loving It,

In Love

A city draped in saints, gods and fragrant jasmine; Rome is beautiful! We were lucky to stay in the city 7 days.

Sweet Shop

Sweet Shop

Abundant, gracious, kind people made for a thriving city full of delights for every sense. The sweets were immaculate and decadent, the fruits and vegetables smelled luscious and fresh.

The city is littered with lime, lemon, orange and fig trees.

The city is littered with lime, lemon, orange and fig trees.

Much of our time was spent walking the city, taking in everything it had to offer.

Sister churches in the Piazza dei Popolo.

Sister churches in the Piazza dei Popolo.

Our imaginations danced among ruins of temples, markets and homes of a people gone from this world thousands of years.

The architecture is enchanting.

The architecture is enchanting.


Our table!

Our table!

Yesterday began with tempestuous skies and plump raindrops that splattered against the windshield. Luckily for us it passed quickly and we were able to set up and greet the crowds.

There were various artists, artisans, crafters and musicians present; it made for a diverse offering! We were excited to meet fellow soapers from Free Spirit Creations.

Full Moon Harvest Organic Body Soap by Free Spirit Creations

Full Moon Harvest
Organic Body Soap by Free Spirit Creations

We bought a delectable-smelling candle and a bar of Full Moon Harvest organic body soap we can’t wait to try! It smells wonderful and looks like it’ll make for a great treat for our skin.

Our table was small and we brought enough to make sure it looked bountiful throughout the day.

Our table was small; we brought enough to make sure it looked bountiful throughout the day.

We received a lot of glowing feedback about the appearance and scent of our soaps and serums and hope everyone who purchased some adores it!

As our first-ever market we felt it was a great experience and we’re glad we began this journey with the awesome people at Another Look at Dallas!

If you have a minute check out our fellow vendors from the #ALDMarket!
Durty Laundry
Cosmo Art
The Shabby Sheep
The Olive Stitch
Erica Guajardo
Free Spirit Creations
House of Smash
Jeff Skele Skeely
K.M. Rasmussen Fine Art
Poppy Xander
Two Bronze Doors
Gringo Soul
Richard Gilbert
Wood Phoenix
Lyd Low

Mingle Jingle Gratitude

Today we sit down to write our gratitude and send it off into the world. Our time lately has been filled to the brim with kind, genuine people who are incredibly supportive and encouraging of our efforts. We couldn’t exist without them!

Our installation at beginning of the WAAS Gallery Jingle Mingle.

Our installation at beginning of the WAAS Gallery Jingle Mingle.

An entire tray of soaps found their places in new homes by the night's close!

An entire tray of soaps found new homes by the night’s close!

The WAAS Gallery Jingle Mingle last night was absolutely amazing and we are forever grateful to Brandy for inviting us to be a part of it. We were able to catch up and laugh with old friends while sharing our story with new ones. Everyone we encountered last night was wonderful and we can’t wait to see them again!

We were kept company in the gift shop by several patrons of the arts as well as our friend Christina of Imagine Yoga, Jobin Klaven, the THRWD crew and the works of several artists including our personal friends, Erica Guajardo and Jonathan Ramirez. We couldn’t have asked for a better evening!