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Robin Ray
RMT & Independent Consultant for Young Living Essential Oils
Location: North Dallas, Texas

Blessed with the insightful touch of a masseuse and an ever-growing knowledge of the various practical and beneficial applications of essential oils, Robin gladly imparts her wisdom with an uncommon generosity. Robin is also possessing of a bright spirit and contagious laughter she freely shares with everyone she encounters. We are very glad to know her!

She lives and works in North Dallas where she operates her small spa.

We are excited to partner with her to offer a choice selection of our handmade cold process soaps to those who visit her spa! You can connect with her at either of the above links to learn more about her offerings or you may visit The Lavender Life on Facebook to keep up with her on a day-to-day basis.

If you are interested in offering Radiant Fettle Soaps to your customers please send us a note at radiant fettle at yahoo dot com.


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