{ Succulent Mocha Soap }

Welcome to October my friends,

When my order for new fragrances (along with some re-stocking of old favorites) arrived I was especially excited about the espresso fragrance oil I purchased; the rich, warm, smooth aroma it bears is a perfect complement to the sweet, dense, familiar scent of dark rich chocolate, which is of my favorite fragrances so far.

What better way to warm yourself than by exalting in a truly delectable blend? The spirit of two beans, which pair so well they dance through cafes across the world, make me wish this soap was edible.

In addition to soap making I am busy formulating recipes for salves, balms and butters to help with winter skin problems. For this I infused mango butter with calendula, oils of avocado, sweet almond and grape seed with lavender and am currently infusing a large batch of grape seed oil with hops. I can’t wait to use these to make wonderfully smooth, emollient concoctions.

Waiting for the wind,

Succulent Mocha Soap --- Full of Love

Succulent Mocha Soap

Full of Love

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Holiday Prep

As winter draws ever nearer we have begun making some delicious, richly scented soaps to keep spirits warm when it’s frosty outside. The first one we’ve done is a Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Butter Soap. This has a velvety smooth scent and the cocoa powder inclusion promises to be delightful! Since it’s full of antioxidants it boasts great benefits for skin and should be a great treat for those who suffer from dry skin during the cooler months.

Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Butter Soap

Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Butter Soap

While we were at it we made a batch of Hazelnut Toffee & Loofah Soap!  This is our first time using shredded loofah in a soap and we’re excited to see how well it exfoliates!

Ah, the wondrous loofah!

Ah, the wondrous loofah!