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Hello dear summertime friends,

I’ve been on quite a long hiatus but have returned. I’m glad to be back to making soap! I’ve been making small batches with fun combinations of oils, aromas and dry inclusions like clay.

In other news: I injured my heel the weekend of July 4 and while I have yet to visit the doctor (I’m guessing it’s plantar fasciitis), it is slowly improving. It will still be at least another month before I resume my jogging. I’m looking forward to pounding pavement once I’m fully mended.

I hope to continue my current soap-making schedule until I’ve replenished my stock, which has dwindled quite low, so check in with my Etsy shop to see what new items I add!

Wishing you healthy heels,

{ The Leaf Soap } We're loving these cute heart molds we happened across!

{ The Leaf Soap }
We’re loving these cute heart molds we happened across!

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January Gratitude

Hello all and happy new year! It is our hope you are all having a wonderful winter. We have been enjoying the chance to sip hot tea and cuddle up with our loved ones.

This year has started very well for us – we had a large order placed by one of our customers from last year! We’re so excited to usher in the new year on such a good note and so grateful to our customers and patrons for their support of our small business!

This is what 151 petite soaps look like!

This is what 151 petite soaps look like!

Petites are the perfect size for gifts.

Petites are the perfect size for gifts.

This year we have sworn off resolutions and began a practice of keeping a rememberlutions jar in which we store small notes about the wonderful things that happen to us this year. This winter has been a beautiful time of reflection and refocusing and we are finding ourselves indulging in a renewed interest in healthful and natural eating, meditation and exercise. So far, 2015 has been absolutely beautiful!

The holidays were full of hustle and bustle and we’ve found ourselves lacking time to make new soaps. This is the week in which we will wriggle it back into our schedule. Our focus will be on small batches with great, pure ingredients and exciting blends of essential and fragrance oils.