{ Turmeric Twist Soap }

Hello friends,

This week we bore witness to a lucky occurrence of a Blood Moon. I slept through it but have indulged in pouring over pictures of it online, and it was stunning. A strange thing happens to me during full moons: my sleep becomes horrible. Perhaps the extra luminescence makes deep sleep more elusive or maybe full moon madness stirs my thoughts, keeping them from settling enough to sleep. Whatever transpires causes in me a restlessness that wriggles from my toes all the way up through my awareness. It’s bothersome but a minor complaint. However, because of my recent sleep deprivation I will not be attending tonight’s Yoga + Wine Under the Stars, John Lennon Vintage.

Instead I will stay in and work on soaps, butters and balms for you lovelies.

Languidly yours,

Spiced goodness!

Spiced goodness!

Read below the cut to learn all about this invigorating soap.

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Our First Ceramic Wares

We are ecstatic to bring to you the charming work of Dallas native, Andrea Brashier. We have long lusted after her work and are eager to present it to you now that we’ve had our chance to sit down and admire it ourselves.

Small Brown & Blue Hand Thrown Ceramic Bowl (This is our favorite of the three! We love it!)

Small Brown & Blue Hand Thrown Ceramic Bowl
(This is our favorite of the three! We love it!)

We adore them! All of these were created under the diligent and gentle hands of a true artist and we know they’ll look stunning in any setting.

These bowls are glazed inside so they are food safe, but not dishwasher safe. They are also great as decor, which is what we’ve done with them until they find new homes. We hope you love them as much as we do! Be sure to have a look-see at the Etsy listings for each for more pictures and exact measurements of each.