Letting Go

Oh, the tumult of a season’s end can wreak havoc on even the most focused mind. If the allergens don’t bother me my joints express their fascination with the changing barometric pressure, temperature and wind through a painful attunement.

This afternoon I attended a Fall Equinox Workshop at the Atma Bhakti Yoga Center in Dallas, hosted by the ever-gracious Christina of Imagine Yoga. She invited me to bring my soaps and I am incredibly glad she did; I connected with many women who share my interest in delectable treats for the skin and senses, as well as Japa Malas. I look forward to watching the evolution of my connections with these women grow and change over time.

I hoped for inspiration and I was lucky to be blessed with it: I now have a clear idea of my desires for this coming season, not only for myself, but for my soap making and Mala knotting, too. I have intentions to help bring to fruition myriad ideas and feelings that will not only benefit me, but also the world in which I live.

Grounded & Loving It,


Of Hummingbirds & Earthquakes

Spicy Globe Basil

Spicy Globe Basil

This morning roused me with a rattling screen door at 3:30, signs of a small earthquake not too far away. Sleep fled and refused to return, so I spent my predawn hours sipping tea, drawing and enjoying the quiet.

As the sun emerged slowly in a golden haze above the roof and treetop skyline the hummingbirds fell into the yard to keep watch over the feeder. With adamant chirps and flashing tails they fought and chased and exalted in small victories, gorging from their claimed and reclaimed feeder.

Enjoy this summer’s end.